2020-21    SENIORS CAPTAIN                         STEVE PARKER



  It is with much honour I have agreed to take over the role of NPGC Senior Captain this year albeit without the benefit of a year of vice! I have been a member of five other courses but Thorpe Wood & Orton Meadows are definitely the best and provide two very differing challenges.


 When we eventually return after the current unpleasantness, there will I suspect, be a very crowded schedule of competitions and a curtailed number of inter club matches to try and complete. I hope that you will all give the usual high level of support to same.


 My charity this year will be the British Heart Foundation.


Stay safe,  


Steve Parker

David Smith  - Seniors Club Champion

65 years and below 2019-2020

Terry Leverton - Seniors Club Champion

66 years and above 2020-2021