2021-2022    SENIORS CAPTAIN                         STEVE PARKER



Well that was a peculiar year as Captain! I did however learn a new skill, how to cancel things, which unfortunately has proved useful this year as well. In the absence of anyone putting there best foot forward, I have agreed to carry on for another year.


The good news is that currently we still have 12 matches left in the calendar, and Bob Morris is busy rearranging as many competitions as possible.


Lets hope the vaccination program works its magic and we will all soon be sitting outside the Woodman or the Granary, enjoying a glass of whatever you enjoy, in the sunshine, after a round of golf with friends.


My charity will continue to be the British Heart Foundation.


Stay safe,


Steve Parker

David Smith  - Seniors Club Champion

65 years and below 2020-2021

Terry Leverton - Seniors Club Champion

66 years and above 2020-2021