Priors Hall Away Day March 2017

Ready and waiting to play

Sue, Myra & Marwyn
Mo, Joyce & Mary
Julie, Doreen & Brigid
Jane, Liz & Pam
Angie, Vanessa & Pat
Cath, Angela & Gill

Finished - after managing to climb cardiac hill!!!!

Jocelyn, Janet & Rebecca
Sue, Karen & Ann
Margaret, Patricia & Caron
Barbara, Gunilla & Carol
Jean, Anthea & Anne
We've finished

Then for a meal in the Clubhouse followed by a presentation to Jocelyn Faris at the end of her year as Lady Captain, and prizes to the competition winners.

Ladies group

Winning team:  Joyce Fisher, Mary Palmer & Mo Hopkins

Runners Up:  Barbara Bird,Gunilla Nilsson-Green & Carol Alban

3rd Place:  Myra Landsburgh, Marwyn Watson & Sue Matthews