2021-2022  MENS CAPTAIN   

                NIGEL RICHARDS

Captain's Photo.jpg

Dear Members,

Without dwelling too much on 2020/21 in my year as Vice Captain, it would be suffice to say it was a little short of, amongst other things... golf. On a more serious note, my sympathies, and I'm sure those of all members, go to anyone who has lost loved ones or livelihoods due to the pandemic.

For those that don't know me (and with over 900 members that will be a lot!), I've been a member of the club since 2006 when I moved to the area. I took early retirement in 2018 following an Army career of over 23 years, and an 18 year career with Nokia Networks. I live in Hampton Vale with my wife Clair, and have two grown up children. I may not be the oldest Captain (probably close though), but I certainly can't remember one with a higher handicap. At least I have a chance of decreasing my handicap, the age problem will only get more difficult!

I am proud to have been asked to become Captain of this great golf club with it's two courses which present very different challenges. We have a large and diverse membership, with members of all ages, occupations and backgrounds. To me, that is one of the best, and most interesting things about the club. I really look forward to meeting new golfing friends in my Captain's year and beyond.

My thanks to Gary Geddis, the outgoing Captain of two years, and his support for me over the last year. I'd also like to show my appreciation to Simon and his green keeping staff for the work that they do to provide us the best possible golfing experience through all weathers. The other people that do all sorts of (often unseen) work to make our club such a success, are all the committee members, so please remember their efforts too.

The three Handicap & Competitions Secretaries have done a great job in scheduling as many competitions as possible, and I'd encourage everyone to try and play in as many as they can. Please bear in mind that you will have had to play in a certain number of competitions to be eligible for some of the more prestigious ones. Personally I try to play in as many Men's and Senior's competitions as I can. Don't worry if you are new golfer, or not particularly confident, I've seen very good golfers make a complete hash of the first hole 'pressure shot', so get your name down on the start sheet!

Ultimately the game should be about enjoyment. Enjoy it when you are playing well, and also try to enjoy it when not. If all else fails, enjoy talking about it with your playing partners afterwards over a drink.

The Captain's charity this year will be the National Star College. It is an organisation set up to provide therapies, education, and care for young people with disabilities. I have first hand experience of the excellent work they do as they cared for my son following a serious head injury he sustained in 2012.

My Vice Captain for the year is Ben Ferguson, who only lives a well struck long iron from me, so we should be able to collaborate well and provide the support needed for the club. I really do look forward to spending time on the golf course with friends, old and new, and wish every member a great golfing year in 2021/22.

In the words of a prominent person from 2020, remember, tomorrow will be a good day. Let's enjoy it.


Nigel Richards

Club Captain