The Nene Park Golf Club Lady Captain’s Day was held at the Thorpe Wood Course where there was a very good turnout.  The conditions were extremely windy and there were a few outbreaks of light rain but these failed to dampen the lively spirits of the ladies.  The competition on the day was a friendly Texas Scramble – perhaps the most suitable in the prevailing conditions.  Cakes and drinks were provided at the Halfway House to keep the energy levels high!!!


Later in the day there was a Dinner and Presentation Evening at the Farmers Arms in Yaxley and, once again, an enjoyable time was had by all.  Prizes were presented for the medal and stableford competitions that had been held from January to August, as were the trophies awarded for various other competitions.


During the day a raffle was held and this, together with donations, raised more than £250 for Lady Captain Cath Hunt’s chosen charity, The Alzheimers Society.

1 Ann, Anne, Doreen, Cath
2 Val, Vanessa, Marwyn
3 Mary, Judy, Rise
4 Margaret, Anthea Angela
5 Gill, Joyce & Myra
7 Chris T, Sue & Joan
6 Becky, Carol & Barbara B
16 Rise, Judy & Mary
13 Gunilla, Pam, Suzanne & Pat C
8 Elaine, Penny & Veronica
9 Di, Chirs Mi & Chris Ma
10 Jean, Pat & Janet
11 Jenny, Angela & Susannah
12 Denise, Barbara & Karen
14 Pink ladies with their shades
15 Val Marwyn Vanessa
17 Angela, Margaret & Anthea
18a Myra, Gill & Joyce
19 Barbara B, Carol & Becky
20 Sue H, Joan & Chris T
21a V , E & P fooling about
22 Christine, Chris & Di
23 Jean, Janet & Pat B
24 Jenny, Karen M, Susannah & Angela
25 Denise, Barbara C, & Karen F
26 Suzanne, Gunilla, Pat & Pam
29 Anne Cath Joyce
28 Denise, Barbara & Cath
30 Rebeca Cath
31 Barbara Ann Kath
32 Gunilla Carol Cath
33 Pam Cath
34 Ann Vanessa Cath
36  Gunilla Cath Suzanne
37 Val Vanessa Cath
38 Karen, Vanessa Cath
40 Cath & Do
35 Anne Cath Suzanne
Ann, Val, Karen & Vanessa
39 Hole in One Mary




Last Winter

Winter Eclectic gross – Joyce Fisher – gross 39

Winter Eclectic nett – Anne Curwen – nett 31

Winter 9 Holes League – Joyce Fisher



TW Stableford – 1st Gunilla Nillson-Green – 31 pts c/b:  2nd Rebecca Core

OM Stableford – 1st Jane Darnes – 36 pts:  2nd Gunilla Nillson –Green



Gold Bell Trophy (3 Club S/B OM) – 1st Ann Hawkins – 33 pts:  2nd Barbara Bird

Queen Mother Cup (S/B OM) – 1st Cath Hunt 43 pts: 2nd Heather McCrae: 3rd Rebecca Core



TW Medal – 1st Ann Hawkins nett 72: 2nd Karen Martins: 3rd Sue Mathews

Lynne Simpson Salver (Medal OM) – 1st Carol Alban nett 62: 2nd Jane Darnes: 3rd Gunilla Nillson-Green

TW Stableford – (2 comps as large entry on alt day) – Alt Day, 1st Vanessa Morris 34 pts

                            1st Ann Hawkins 34 pts: 2nd Mary Palmer



Kerridge Cup (Medal OM) – 1st Maggie Davey nett 66: 2nd Rebecca Core: 3rd Susannah Ivens

Memorial Trophy (8 Holes S/B OM) – 1st Pamela Davis 20 pts: 2nd Jane Darnes

TW Stableford – (2 comps as large entry on alt day) – Alt Day, 1st Pamela Davis 32 pts

                             1st Cath Hunt 34 pts: 2nd Carol Alban



Coronation Foursomes (Peugeot OM) – 1st Ann Hawkins & Vanessa Morris 36 pts

TW Medal (Lombard) – 1st Anne Curwen nett 70: 2nd Mary Payne: 3rd Georgina Ivens

Suzanne Dickens Trophy – 1st Gunilla Nillson-Green:

               Under 24 Handicap - 1st Vanessa Morris: 2nd Susan Mathews

               Over 24 Handicap – 1st Heather McCrae:  2nd Pamela Davis

OM Stableford – 1st Gunilla Nillson-Green 42 pts, 2nd Suzanne Jones

Cathedral City Foursomes (Daily Mail TW) – 1st Vanessa Morris & Val Jacobs 40 pts



Ping 4Ball Betterball  (TW) – 1st Karen Martins & Vanessa Morris 46 pts

Peggy Hopkins Salver (9 holes S/B TW) – Joyce Critchley 16 pts c/b


Special Award for a Hole in One – Mary Palmer


FOUNDERS TROPHY: (Two rounds played at Thorpe Wood & Orton Meadows)

Gross winner and Club Lady Champion Denise Payne with rounds of 89 & 96

Nett Winner – Barbara Bird – with nett 80 & 64