The  Ladies Charity for  2021-2022 is Peterborough Women's Aid ( a local based charity providing safe refuge for women suffering from abuse in Peterborough and the surrounding area as well as outreach support, support groups and advice on a variety of related issues.


Lady Captain

Lady Secretary - Pam Davis - 07980 590046

Lady Handicap Secretary - Karen Ivens - 07932 194407

Competition Secretary - Christine Dixon - 07854 904219

Barbara Caville - 07919 342349

Elaine Frankham Smith - 07841 496057

Jane Darnes - 01733 231678/07753 380431

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Rebecca Core

Lady Club Champion




What is a Handicap?

A handicap is a system to enable golfers of all abilities to compete on an equal basis.

Handicaps are divided into the following Categories:

  • Category 1 Handicaps of 5.4 or less.

  • Category 2 Handicaps of 5.5 to 12.4 inclusive.

  • Category 3 Handicaps of 12.5 to 20.4 inclusive.

  • Category 4 Handicaps of 20.5 to 28 inclusive

  • Category 5 Handicaps of 28 to 36 inclusive (Ladies only)


A player’s Exact Handicap is her handicap calculated in accordance with the provisions of the System to one decimal place.

A Player’s Playing Handicap is her Exact Handicap calculated to the nearest whole number (0.5 is rounded upwards).


How to obtain a Handicap:

A handicap can be allotted only to a Member of an Affiliated Club and after full consideration of her previous playing history, including any handicap held previously at any other club or under another handicap system.

To obtain a handicap a player must submit the required number of nine and/or 18-hole cards played over a Measured Course (rated course), from the red tees, at her Home Club.  Any permutation of nine and 18-hole cards may be submitted but must total a minimum of 54 holes.  Cards submitted over nine holes must be returned from a Designated Nine-Hole Course which at Nene Park Golf Club is Thorpe Wood Course. Each card must be clearly marked and signed by a responsible person with a handicap and who knows the rules of golf..  When the required number of cards has been completed, put them together in an envelope addressed to the Ladies Handicap Secretary and hand it in to the Driving Range at Thorpe Wood, Your Competition (‘c’) handicap will then be calculated and allotted to you normally within a few days.  The requisite cards should normally be submitted within a period of six months.  Also the requisite cards must be played at either Thorpe Wood Course, or Orton Meadows Course (18 holes only), not a combination of both.


You will also be allotted a unique lifetime ID Number known as a CDH (Central Database of Handicaps) number which is held within the computer software and which will automatically update your handicap records as and when you play at Home or Away.  


If you are a Member at more than one Club your handicap can only be administered by your Home Club.  They should be made aware that you hold membership elsewhere and can expect to receive results from Away competitions in which you take part.