Corey Dann
Juniors Captain 2017
Daniel Clarke
Junior Vice Captain 2017



CAGU Friendly Golf Junior Knockout Trophy 1st Round to be played on or before 16 April - played on 15th April

Nene Park v Brampton Park.  Unfortunately the team was knocked out at the extra hole.

CAGU St Ives Junior Cup 1st Round to be played on 11 Jun - 2pm

Ely City v Nene Park  Nene Park Juniors won 2pts to 1 pt so now are in the semi final to be played at Newmarket.

(Cup matches are pairs - 6 players, 3 pairs maximum handicap 32 and Category 1 players not permitted)

CAGU Junior Inter-Club League (St Neots Trophy) Division 1

(League fixtures are single match play, max h'cap 24)

Round 1 to be played on or before 15 April

Nene Park v Gog Magog  (NPGC won 3 1/2 - 2 1/2)

Round 2 to be played on  6 May.  Postponed due to Guineas Meeting - new date to be confirmed

Newmarket Links v Nene Park

Round 3 to be played on 17 June:  1pm

Nene Park v Ely City.  Ely City conceded the match 6-0 as unable to send a team.

Round 4 to be played on 8 July  1pm

Nene Park v St Neots (St Neots conceded the match giving NPGC a win 6-0)

Round 5 to be played on or before 22 July - no fixture

Round 6 to be played on or before 10 August tbc

Saffron Walden v Nene Park (NPGC won 4-2)

Round 7 to be played on 26 August: 1pm

Nene Park v Brampton Park


Easter Cup was won by Callum Meneeley

Tues 30 May - Peterborough Golf Repairs Junior Trophy: 

1st Garen Uyovbukerhi 38 pts c/b, 2nd Daniel Clarke 38 pts,      

3rd Callum Ford 36 pts

Wed 2 Aug - Fittons Junior Club Championship::  

1st Lucas Bickers nett 68, 2nd Jacob Williams nett 70,

3rd Callum Campbell nett 71

Tues 29 Aug - Chairman's Junior Cup:  

1st Daniel Clarke 43 pts, 2nd Callum Campbell 39 pts, 3rd Tyler Barr 31 pts

Sat 16 Sep - Club Captain's Junior Trophy:  tees 12.04-13.00

1st Callum Campbell 42 pts, 2nd Callum Ford 36 pts, 3rd Kai Raymond 35 pts

Tues 24 Oct - Serpentine Green Junior Trophy: tees 10.28-11.24

1st Tyler Burr 40 pts, 2nd Callum Campbell 36 pts, 3rd Jacob Williams 35 pts

Thur 21 Dec - Progressive Property Junior Trophy: 10.04-11.00 (This competition may be moved to Feb 2018)

Congratulations to Daniel Clarke for being the runner up in the nett division of the County Championship.

Aaron Jones
Joint Junior Organiser

Chris Dann

Joint Junior Organiser

After their success in the England Golf Club Championship in 2016, the junior team is entered into the qualifying stages once again.  The team of Lucas Bickers, Dan Clarke and Corey Dann will be competing in the regional qualifier at Bar Hill on May 29th.

  Dan Clarke scored a hole in one on the 18th at Saffron Walden